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We at Sydney Wide Painters turn your space into a canvas and paint it in the colours of your choice. Whatever the look that you have envisioned for your residential or commercial space might be, we bring it all to life through the magic of colours. With a fresh coat of paint, our painters in Sydney will give a new life to your home or workspace. So, whatever the look that you wish to create, get in touch with our expert team in Sydney, find the right colour palette matching the vibe of your space and enroll yourself for a colourful ride.

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A dull and lifeless home is not something that any of us desire. And that’s exactly how your home would be without colours. But you don’t have to give in to a dull existence because our home painters in Sydney are here to lighten up your space with all the colours of your choice.



From large-scale to small-scale commercial painting projects, our commercial painters in Sydney have experience in undertaking it all. We proceed with a proper plan and use the best techniques in the industry to ensure that your commercial space, be it a school, shopping complex or cinema hall is painted in the most professional manner.



Blue, brown, red, green or beige, which is the colour that goes best with the vibe of your home? You pick the colour and we paint your roof the exact shade in the most flawless manner. With our roof painting service in Sydney, add to your roof that tinge of colour and give your home’s exterior that much-required upgrade.

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Considering the number of colours there are, finding the right colour for your space might seem to be a humongous task. But with our experts, you don’t have to worry about it because we offer a free colour consultation service to help you find the colours that go with the vibe of your place.

Garage Floor Painting Company Sydney


Leaving your garage floors bare is a thing of the past, with our professional painters in Sydney paint your garage in the colour of your choice, add value to its look and make them seem flawless for the years to come. So, opt for our garage floor painting service today and give a colourful turn to your otherwise plain garage.

Residential & Commercial Painters in Sydney

Residential or commercial, no matter what your painting needs in Sydney might be, we have experts equipped to take care of it all. With every work of ours, we bring perfection to the picture and open your home or workspace to perfect walls, floors, roof and you to a perfect painting experience.

Commercial Painter Sydney

From increasing the value of your property to giving your building’s appearance that much-needed upgrade, painting does a lot for your commercial space. So, with our commercial painters in Sydney, avail of all the benefits that the right colour brings to your space. Our team specializes in providing holistic assistance starting with proper planning to ensure the smooth flow of work to bringing in the best equipment and materials to craft a flawless experience for all our clients. May it be the interior or exterior of your commercial space, a high-rise building or a low-rise one that is in need of painting, we send in our fully equipped team to cater to it all in the best possible manner, leaving no space for errors of any kind. So, if you have a commercial space that is in need of painting, get in touch with our commercial painters in Sydney and avail of our expert painting services.

Residential Painting Services in Sydney

When building a home, or renovating your home, the work is only half done without that fresh coat of paint. Painting works like wonders for your home and in an instant gives it the look of your dreams. So, when it comes to painting your home, the best is the only option that you should consider. That’s why we have brought the best home painting service in Sydney to your doorstep. From painting your roof, ceilings, floors, walls to your deck, our experts know how to do it all in the most efficient manner and we will offer all these services to help you complete the look of your home. So, if your home is awaiting the right colours to lighten up its interiors and exteriors, get in touch with our experts today and they will first help you find the best fit for your home and then undertake the work in a way that reflects the years of experience we have in the field.


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We’re still open and servicing customers through the Covid-19 outbreak. All of our employees are taking the highest safety measures possible to limit and prevent the spread of Covid-19 by fully sanitising between each job and wearing masks and gloves for the duration of each job. Appropriate social distancing will also always be maintained for the welfare and health of all our employees and customers.

Exterior paint work can be completed safely without physical interaction. We can also do virtual quotes over video apps. Payments can be made electronically and we can complete jobs in your absence. Our customers safety is paramount to us at all times.

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