Garage Floor Painting

Does your garage floor look old and tired?

Yes? Then why not call us to bring it back to life…….

Our Painters have been painting garage floors across Sydney for the past 10 years. Cover all those oil staines,grease marks and rust with thr right Epoxy Floor Coating System.We use a two part epoxy (DUREBILD STE) which is a high performance garage floor paint.Its hard wearing and stain resistant, resists hot tyre marks, low odour and most important comes in a variety of colours.

Click on colour chart below to enlarge and view your Epoxy Colour choices

When painting your epoxy garage floor, we follow these simple 5 steps to ensure a great finish

– Step 1. Inspect the floor

– Step 2. Clean the garage floor

– Step 3. Acid wash or etch the floor

– Step 4. Apply first coat of Epoxy Floor Paint

– Step 5. Apply Second coat of Epoxy Floor Paint

Advantages of painting your garage floor

– It restores and repaires the surface, adding life to it again

– Resists hot tyre marks

– Chemical resistant

– Oil resistant

– Abrasion resistant

– High Gloss easy t0 clean

– Guards your floor from damage

Advantages to using a Epoxy Product

– Superior surface wetting properties and orrosion resistance

– High perfomance surface tolerant maintenance coating

– Can be applied over a wide range of well adhered aged floors

– Self priming finish

– Excellent brush and roller characteristics

– wide range of colours avaliable from thr colour fast tint system