Only the Best Painting Products are used to Paint & Decorate Your House

Ceiling Paint

The Dulux Ceiling White is a low VOC ceiling flat with a outstanding hiding power giving great coverage and appearance. This helps protect your home and makes the appearance last longer.

Wash & Wear

This is premium low sheen paint that actively repels stains and has superior washability and is highly scuff resistant. Wash & Wear is a low VOC Eco Choice paint. This means its low odour and is friendlier for our environment. This product comes in low sheen, advanced flat, advance gloss and advanced semi gloss.

Kitchen and bathroom

This product comes with a Mouldshield 7 year guarantee against mould growth. It’s a semi gloss paint with superior washability for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Its also bacteria resistant, low VOC paint which means it’s low odour and is environment friendly.

Dulux Prep lock

This product is a Solvent borne prepcoat sealer also available in water base stain blocker and shellac base prep coat.


Aquanamel is a water based interior and exterior product that is hard wearing and dries to an ultra smooth finish leaving your windows, doors and skirtings looking flawless. Aquanamel is available in gloss and semi-gloss finishes.

Dulux Weathershield 

This product is flexible and tough giving your house the protection it needs in Australian weather conditions. Its self priming, dirt resistant and packed with a 10 year guarantee. Weathershield can be purchased in low-sheen, matt,, gloss and semi gloss which means there is not an exterior surface that it couldn’t be applied to.

Dulux roof and trim 

This high performance, high opacity paint is ideal for all types of roofs, including concrete tiles, colorbond steel and galvanised iron. This product comes in a semi-gloss sheen level and can be matched to all range of colorbond colours.

Dulux Super Enamel 

Dulux super enamel is an oil base product. It is a very tough interior and exterior enamel which can be purchased in gloss and semi-gloss sheen levels, ideal for all timber trims, doors and windows.

Dulux quit rust 

This product is a hard wearing waterbased top coat for use on metal substrates to provide superior metal protection against rust. It has excellent adhesion and superior protection for a range of ferrous metals, galvanised iron and Zincalume.

Dulux waste hardener

This product turns unwanted water based paint and timber finishes into a solid waste leaving you with a easy household disposal.

Wattyl id

Wattyl Interior Design i.d wall finishes will provide a long lasting beautiful finish. It is highly washable, scuff and stain resistance and is available in 3 sheen levels. Wattyl Interior Design i.d also offers a wide selection of colours, easier low odour application and a smooth even finish.

Wattyl solagard

Solagard Total Protection will provide painted surfaces with maximum protection in any weather or climate and will keep the surface looking better for longer. Its advantages are its blocks out uv, resists cracking and peeling, stays clean longer, resists blistering, 100% acrylic and is self priming. This product comes 3 sheen levels, low-sheen, gloss and satin.

Wattyl sunscreen 

Wattyl Pascol has a range of premium quality paints for interior and exterior use. It provides finishes that will stand the test of family living.

Wattyl Killrust 

The Wattyl Killrust range of products makes painting metal an easy three step process. Prepare, prime and paint. It comes in a variety of finishes, epoxy gloss-enamel, killrust satin-enamel, killrust hammer finish and killrust roof paint.

Wattyl aquaprep 

Wattyl Aqua Prep is a range of high products designed for applications with the convenience of being water based. Wattyl Aqua Prep can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces. It can be purchased in primer sealer undercoat, Acrylic Sealer Undercoat, Acrylic Timber Primer and Galvanised Iron Primer.

Cabot’s CFP 

CFP is a oil base product used to create a remarkable smooth, highly durable flooring finish. As mentioned it is highly durable, hard wearing and enhances all natural timber tones. It can be used on solid timber, cork flooring and parquetry flooring along with areas exposed to high traffic. It comes in gloss and satin finishes.

Feast Watsons Decking Stain 

Decking oil and stain is a protective finish that penetrates into the timber providing a hardwearing finish. Decking stain is ideal for adding colour to the timber while still allowing the grains to show giving it that natural look.

Feast Watsons Gloss Proof

This product is ideal for interior furniture, panelling, doors, windows, trims and architraves. It gives a clear, smooth, polyurethane finish providing excellent timber protection. Proof tint can be added to this product to create a onestep stain and varnish, Also available in satin proof and matt proof.

Feast Watsons Weatherproof 

This product is ideal for exterior windows, trims, panelling, handrails and furniture. Weatherproof is an internal /external product. It gives a clear, polyurethane finish that provides excellent all round timber protection. It can also be used on the inside of window frames and external doors.

Cabot’s Cabothane 

Cabot’s cabothane is a premium interior clear formulated to create a smooth, workable and durable finish. Cabothane can be used on all interior woodwork, solid timber, ply, veneer and mdf. It is highly durable and comes in gloss, satin and low-sheen finishes.

Cabot’s CFP 

CFP is a oil base product used to create a remarkable smooth, highly durable flooring finish. As mentioned it is highly durable, hard wearing and enhances all natural timber tones. It can be used on solid timber, cork flooring and parquetry flooring along with areas exposed to high traffic. It comes in gloss and satin finishes.

Cabot’s Stain and Varnish 

Cabot’s stain and varnish is a product that makes timber finishing simple. It combines colour of a traditional wood stain with a protective sheen of polyurethane top coat. It is ideal for all internal woodwork, solid timber, ply, veneer and mdf.

Berger Jet Dry 

One of Australia’s trusted brand in paving paint. With a wide range of finishes and colours to choose from. They have a range of products that will complement the Australian home. There range of products are Berger jet dry gloss finish, non slip finish, heavy duty, aqua tread undercoat, aqua tread satin finish, aqua tread texture finish and aqua tread clear sealer.

Berger Ceiling White 

Berger Premium Ceiling White has an extra flat finish which makes it ideal for minimising surface imperfections.

Berger Solascreen 

Berger Solarscreen is ideal for exterior timber, masonry walls and fascias where a low sheen finish is desired. It dries quickly to produce a hardwearing, durable finish. It has a 10 year guarantee against peeling, flaking and blistering when applied in accordance to the label. Also comes in a gloss acrylic finish.

Berger Acrylic Sealer 

Berger Acrylic Sealer Undercoat can be used on interior surfaces, both new and previously painted. These include timber, masonry, plasterboard and brick.

Berger interior low sheen 

Berger Low Sheen Acrylic is suitable for use on all interior walls when you’re looking for an attractive, low sheen finish. It also dries quickly to produce a washable finish and even hides imperfections on walls.


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