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Get the Painters in Sydney Your Home Deserves When You Choose Us

If you are planning a renovation of your beautiful home and you need painters in Sydney that can help ensure flawless colour, you should come to us. Getting the right team to help paint your home is crucial to ensure the results you want to see. Choose Sydney Wide Painters every time you need a perfect paint job.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Services When You Need Skilled Sydney Painters

When you choose our team to get the painter services your home or property requires, you can always expect to experience the following benefits:

  • We have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, which means we have been around the block. We have delivered on jobs both complicated and straightforward. We also ensure that we do everything according to the demands of the property owner. Whether you want interior or exterior house painting services, you can always count on us.
  • Our business owner is present on every job to ensure you have access to those running the show. Having the owner there helps when you have any questions on-site or want immediate clarification regarding parts of our process. We can provide any assistance, answers, or suggestions right then and there.
  • We pride ourselves on our punctuality and our ability to finish jobs on time, every time. We understand that our clients’ lives run on schedules, and the last thing we want to do is get in the way. When you choose our services, you get a team that understands the importance of your time and work hard to ensure we never infringe on it.
  • We ensure consistent quality across the board. We provide the hard work and satisfactory results you would expect on every job. If at any point you are unhappy with the process or the results, it means that our job isn’t finished. Until we have achieved your satisfaction, we do not consider a job done.
  • If you are a builder, we are your ideal partner since we can handle all the painting as you build. Not only does this ensure you do not have to search high and low for painters, but it ensures that you get painters you can trust for every job you do. Delivering high-end results is as important to us as it is to you, and your clients will be much happier knowing they get the package deal.

When you need a team that can provide you with interior house painting or exterior house painting, it will always be essential to choose a team with a history of success. We have the necessary experience to handle any job, a business owner that will always be present on-site should you need them, punctual turnaround times, and consistent quality across the board. Everything you need is right here.


Residential Painting

With more than 16 years experience in painting residential homes in Sydney.


Commercial Painting

Sydney Wide Painters offers outstanding industrial painting services at exceptional prices.


Roof Painting

At Sydney Wide Painters & Decorators, we know the importance of adding value to your home.


Free Colour Consulting

Sydney Wide Painters know the importance of choosing the right colour(s) for your house.

What You Can Expect From Sydney Wide Painters Regarding A Commercial Painting Company

Having been in the industry for 15 years, we have come to understand the expectations of each customer, and work in harmony with you to produce the most satisfying results for each unique requirement.

  • We pride ourselves on our exceptional level of customer service that we provide. We seek to understand your requirements and deliver transparency at each stage of the project. We respect your space and aim to offer quick turnaround times to cause as little disturbance to your life as possible.
  • The owner of Sydney Wide Painters is present on every single project site as he enforces strict quality control checks before completion of the job. Quality control ensures that all work is completed as initially specified, and gives a sense of trustworthiness to our brand.
  • Our stringent time management procedures ensure productive hours spent on any job, resulting in each project being completed by or before the due date. We understand that your time is valuable, and we aim to create the least possible disturbance to you while we work on your project.

Fun Facts About Paint And How It Relates To Industrial Painters In Sydney

Influenced by Sir Isaac Newton in 1706, the colour wheel is important when it comes to choosing a colour for your interiors and exteriors as it displays the relationship between them. Our service offering includes free colour consulting to assist in selecting the perfect shade for your space. Colours are known for affecting your mood, which is why we always keep our clients in mind when assisting with a colour to match your requirements.

Our Sydney commercial painters can’t wait to team up with you for your next project. To help you create your desired look, contact us for more information as to how we can make that happen.


We’re still open and servicing customers through the Covid-19 outbreak. All of our employees are taking the highest safety measures possible to limit and prevent the spread of Covid-19 by fully sanitising between each job and wearing masks and gloves for the duration of each job. Appropriate social distancing will also always be maintained for the welfare and health of all our employees and customers.

Exterior paint work can be completed safely without physical interaction. We can also do virtual quotes over video apps. Payments can be made electronically and we can complete jobs in your absence. Our customers safety is paramount to us at all times.

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