Handy Tips

Below are a few handy tips I have learnt over the past 16 years while painting homes across Sydney that I thought could help make your job easier and save money!

How do I strip wallpaper off my walls?

Remove the first layer of wall paper by hand and place straight into garbage bin. Then get yourself a painting tray, roller and extension pole. Fill painting tray with extremely hot water. Lay drop sheets down along the walls and start rolling the backing of the wallpaper with the hot water. Repeat this 3-4 times per wall allowing the walls to really soak well, then start scraping. Once finished, wash walls down with sugar soap to remove all excess glue.

What paint should I be using on the exterior of my house?

When painting the external surfaces of any house, you should always use premium exterior paint which is highly durable and most importantly, it’s UV resistanant. UV resistant paint will last longer against the Australian sun, saving you thousands in the long run.

What paint should I be using on the interior of my house?

When painting any interior walls, you should always use a premium interior product which is highly washable. There is nothing worse than having dirty childrens finger prints all over your freshly painted walls and not being able to remove them. Premium paints such as Dulux Wash and Wear 101 are highly durable and can handle a bit of “elbow grease” when srcubbing the walls down.

Can painting of my house be affected by the weather?

Yes, the weather plays a great deal when decididng the best time to paint your house. You should avoid painting in very hot conditions as well as very cold conditions. Painting in extremely hot weather leads to the paint drying to quickly whoch results in flaking paint. Conversley, painting in extremely cold weather means the paint will take longer to cure, and at times, will leave runs down the walls. Perfect weather conditions are between 10-35 Degrees.


Should I be masking up and removing fittings before painting?

When painting doors and windows, we generally tape up all hardware and fittings to ensure they stay clean. When taping up always use a good quality tape like 3M® and never leave the tape on the fittings for longer than 2 days. Sometimes removing knobs and fittings are easier and quicker than masking up, so try one and see which option will save you time and money.

What should I do about water stains before painting?

First step is to clean down the surface with a dampened rag, get yourself a spray can of Zinsser Stain Stopper and apply a thin coat to the affected areas. Allow to dry for 30 minutes and repeat this twice before painting.

How do I treat mould affected areas?

Mould found on surfaces should be treated prior to painting; if it isn’t, then the mould will reappear through the freshly painted areas. You can treat mould and stop it from penetrating through the paint by simply mixing 4 litres of water to about a cup full of household bleach. Stir this together and apply it to the mould affected areas with a rag. Allow to dry then wipe over with a clean rag.

When should I paint exterior windows and doors?

Exterior windows and doors should be painted first thing in the morning allowing them plenty of time to dry. If you were to paint them some time after lunch they will not dry quick enough before the sun sets for you to close the windows. If windows and doors are closed and shut too early, the paint will dry and they will get stuck, leaving you will a big job in the morning trying to free them up again, and at times causing more damage than good.


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