High Pressure

High Pressure Washing

Johnny knows the importance of maintaining and keeping your home looking new. Whether it’s a wash every six months to your freshly painted home down to high pressure driveway cleaning and sealing. Johnny will provide you with the service your home will need to ensure that it continually grows in value.

Johnny has experienced over the years that washing the exterior surfaces of your home dose not only make it look appealing but actually protects it, removing all webs, mould, dirt and grease giving the exterior surfaces of your home a longer life.

When you look at the money spent on house washing you will come to realise that it is very affordable. There are benefits to having your house regularly washed and one of the most important benefit is that you will be saving thousand down the long run on maintenance.

We offer the following High Pressure Washing Services:

– Concrete tiled or terracotta roofs

– Concrete driveways and resealing

– Paving areas and resealing

– Brick and concrete walls

– Courtyards and pergolas

– Weatherboards

– Limestone

– Stone surfaces

– Tiles